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In by 5PM, out the next day. Leed’s calls it SureShip. And we've once again made it the fastest shipping service in the industry. Now you can place an order as late as 5PM Pacific Time on any Leed’s products and we'll ship it out from the factory the next day. No rush charges. Rush service excludes shipping via FedEx or UPS. Product ships from ZIP Code 15068.

1-Day Ship

New Art
All methods except Photo Real, Embroidery.*

All methods except Photo Real.*

SureShip® Parameters
Complete order and electronic or camera-ready artwork must be received before 5PM CA Time.
Weekends, Holidays Excluded. Some restrictions apply.
Embroidery reorders up to 7,500 stitches only.
One standard location.
No proof approval, time permitting, a mockup will be provided.
Call for lead times for large quantities (over catalog end quantity), insertions or other special handling.
Maximum of three drop ships only.
Less than minimum fee on SureShip® orders US $150 per imprint item ordered).

SureShip® Artwork Requirements
Electronic or camera-ready artwork to size for all methods.
Vector artwork to size for Laser Engraving and Color Imprinting. Fonts must be converted to outlines, and Pantone colors must be provided, if applicable.
Professionally prepared, color separated artwork to size for multi-color screen.
Spot colors only-no process half-tones, gradients, or Photo Real.

Standard Lead Times

Stamp, Color Imprinting, Embroidery, Epoxy Dome, Photo Real, and Laser Engraving.

3-Day Ship

Three business days from receipt of order.

5-Day Ship

New Art
Five business days from receipt of order and camera-ready or electronic artwork.

Standard Lead Time Parameters
Please allow an additional 3 business days if a product proof is required.
Depending on order size and imprint type, Leed's may require a product proof.
Please allow 1 additional business day if artwork is required. This includes clean-up, touch-up, typesetting, digitizing or other artwork.
Please allow 1 additional business day for every 5,000 stitches (over 7,500 stitches) for embroidery.
Call for lead times for large quantities (over catalog end quantity), drop ships, personalizations, insertions, multiple imprint methods, multiple imprint locations and other special handling.

Rush Services

Available based on production capacity and decorating method. We will make every attempt to meet your need without additional charges. However, courier and expediting charges may apply.